Cooling Down With Squirting And Anal

Cooling Down With Squirting And Anal

Cooling Down With Squirting And Anal
Keira Croft and Steve Holmes

More hardcore anal action with creepy old man Steve Holmes….sorry Steve, but you do give me the creeps.  A terrific male performer, but creepy all the same.  Today he’s fuck his stepdaughter Keira Croft deep in her butt in a Brazzers anal porn video.

Keira Croft and her stepdad, Steve Holmes, are trying to find ways to beat the heat thanks to a broken AC unit. When Keira joins Steve on the couch in only a skimpy top and panties, she proves to be too tempting – especially when she starts to rub ice cubes over her tits and pussy.

From there, Keira and Steve forget about the heatwave and decide that distraction, in the form of anal sex, is the best way to cope with high temperatures. That said, a bit more ice cube play and some ass teasing with the fan, not to mention Keira’s squirting, provide some cooling effects for the scorching hot anal action.

Of course, nothing proves more satisfying than Steve’s massive cock, which Keira takes in her mouth and up her ass before draining it of every last drop of cum. Sometimes, the best way to beat the heat is to simply fill your day, or ass, with pleasurable distractions.

If you enjoy these stepdaughter and stepdad sex videos, then you will really enjoy Cooling Down With Squirting And Anal.  It’s a proper hardcore cock in ass porno.