Cute Blonde Lost Her Purse Fake Taxi

Cute Blonde Lost Her Purse Fake Taxi
Starring hot blonde Elena Vedem.

Elena Vedem

It’s been a while since I had edited a Fake Taxi video where the passenger had forgotten her purse. So it was a nice surprise to find that the Fake Taxi producers had given me a scene that featured this crowd pleasing porn scenario.  This sexy looking young blonde Elena Vedem is new to me. It’s the first time I have seen her long bleached blonde hair and small boobs.  She certainly has a fantastic looking body on her and is able to take a big cock in her tight pussy too.

Here’s what the Fake Taxi driver told me about his sex video with Elena Vedem…

I saw leggy blonde Elena Vedem standing on the side of the road, so I pulled up and asked if she wanted a taxi. Elena hopped into the car and we started to drive, but soon she told me she could not find her money, a tale as old as time!

I drove us to a secluded location and as we traveled, I told her she could have the ride for free if she showed me her boobs. It took some convincing, but she flashed me, then took her panties off so I could see her bum. I got in the back seat and introduced myself, then spread her legs to pleasure her pussy. We had naughty sex and she gave me a blowjob, then I pulled out from the missionary position and came on her pussy.

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