Danger’s Dirty Laundry JMac and Abella Danger

Danger's Dirty Laundry

Danger’s Dirty Laundry
JMac and Abella Danger

This laundry room must have some kind of magic sexual power.  We’ve seen plenty of pornstars getting fucked in a laundry room lately.  It must be a new niche that porn producers have stumbled upon.  I’m sure we’ve all heard stories of women sitting on a washing machine and getting cheap thrills from the vibrations as it goes into it’s final spin cycle.


I never thought I would be writing so much about laundry and washing machines on a porn blog. But if the porn land keeps releasing it, I’ll keep on writing about it.  Today’s laundry room visitors are Jmac and Abella Danger.

Brazzers Danger’s Dirty Laundry – SUMMARY

When will clueless Jmac realise that the hottest babe in the neighbourhood, Abella Danger, is hitting on him? Will it be when she invites herself at his place, claiming her washing machine broke and she has to do laundry?

Will it be she’ll bend down in front of his machine, almost brushing her sweet butt against his crotch? It seems like Abella will have to go as far as fingering herself on top of Jmac’s appliance. Tickled, Jmac accepts Abella’s invitation to her horny party of two.

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