Daphne Turns The Massage Table Daphne Klyde

Daphne Turns The Massage Table

Daphne Turns The Massage Table
Erik Everhard and Daphne Klyde

Daphne Klyde is patiently waiting for her masseur to give her the daily full body massage that she pays a ridiculous amount of money for.  She doesn’t mind paying because she knows that the service she receives is first class.  Today, however, she id not having her usual masseur.  Today she is having a new recruit call Erik Everhard.  It’s his first day on the job and is very nervous.


In Daphne Turns The Massage Table, Erik was not expecting to find a naked women on the massage table on his first day.  Daphne laid there with just a small towel covering her big ass.  Erik got to work on her back, but Daphne was not impressed by his technique.  She decided to show Erik how she likes to be massaged properly.

She reverses the roles and starts to give Erik a massage instead.  Daphne found that she was really enjoying getting her hands all over a handsome man.  Her hand slipped under Erik’s towel and found a full erect penis.  With a huge beaming smile on his face, Erik let Daphne play with his cock.  To Erik’s surprise, Daphne was soon giving him a sloppy blowjob. What a great first day at work!

Daphne Turns The Massage Table, switches from being a sensual massage to a full on hardcore anal sex video.  Daphne gets her arsehole penetrated and slammed hard by Erik Everhard’s massive Canadian penis.

The background is a bright white, with three panels of lighter white coming through from windows. Daphne Klyde in the centre of the photo. She has black hair that it pulled back into a ponytail with most of it going down her neck, some curled pieces are across her shoulder.

In Daphne Turns The Massage Table, a short, small singular strand of hair falls across her left eyebrow and eye. Daphne Klyde has heavy makeup on, her eyebrows have been drawn over in a light brown and shaped into uniform with each other. The eye makeup consists of light and dark brown shades, the dark brown being in the crease of her eye and the light brown being on the eyelid.

She wears long false eyelashes that are in black. In her ears there are small pearl earrings. In her left nostril she has a silver, small nose ring. Her face makeup consists of her cheeks being lightly bronzed along with her forehead. On her lips there is a light red shade of lipstick, her lips are slightly apart showing her top white teeth. Her shoulders are bare, showing her even toned skin.

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