Day With A Pornstar Alexis Fawx

Day With A Pornstar Alexis Fawx

Day With A Pornstar Alexis Fawx
Alexis Fawx and Keiran Lee

As MILF go, Alexis Fawx is one of the most popular today.  Some of her Brazzers video are simply legendary.  So it’s about time that Brazzers release a Day With A Pornstar Alexis Fawx porn video.

In this new Alexis Fawx video you will be getting very close and very personal.   She talks to you about her porno career whilst laying in a bath full of bubbles.  She describes her favourite scenes.  She tells you that she loved a threesome that she appeared in with Brandi Love and Keiran Lee.

Did you know that Alexis Fawx answered a Craig’s List advert to be an extra for a blowjob scene..and the rest is now history!  She explains that she loves it when all the cast are able to forget about the cameras on set and just fuck ‘freeflow’.

This pornstar interview has lots of porn cut into it as Miss Fawx tells you about her favourite moments in porn.  You can really see just how must she enjoys the porn lifestyle.

She certainly has some of the best MILF tits in the porn industry.  It’s no wonder why when Brazzers release an Alexis Fawx video, they simply become fans favourites!

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