Deeply Intimate Experienced Lovers

Deeply Intimate Experienced Lovers

Deeply Intimate Experienced Lovers
Tiny Tina and Michael Fly

Lovers Tiny Tina and Michael Fly have been together a long time, and these experienced lovers have learned one another’s erogenous zones. Sitting on the couch, the couple embraces passionately, then Michael slowly leans Tina back so he can expose her small breasts.

Licking and kissing her boobs softly, Michael then pulls Tina’s purple panties to the side and licks her pussy. Inserting his hard cock into her tight wetness, Michael gets Tina off, then she gives him a long, loving blowjob. After some doggystyle and cowgirl love making, Michael cums on Tina’s face!

Here’s what porn editor Studly Smalls had to say about this video on FAKETAXI Forum.

Tiny Tina has an unmatched passion for sex so it’s always great to see one of her scenes coming my way. I love the gentle passionate pace of this real love-making scene. Tina and Michael hold each other tightly and can hardly take their eyes from each other.

Our camera had to get in real close to cover the action because the loving couple were so rapt with ecstasy they just didn’t want to let go. I love the looks of pleasure on Tina’s face throughout the scene, especially toward the end as she’s really feeling every inch of Michael’s cock inside her. Finish it off with a facial and that’s one very exciting scene!