Diamond Jackson A Pot of Golden Dildos



Diamond Jackson A Pot of Golden Dildos. This is sexy ebony pornstar Diamond Jackson starring in her 35th Brazzers video.  She gets fucked by Ricky Spanish.

Diamond Jackson has the luck of the Irish on her side when she discovers a pot of gold in her backyard. Upon closer inspection, the pot is also filled with golden dildos! Everyone knows where’s there’s a pot of gold, there’s a leprechaun not far away.

Ricky Spanish is that leprechaun, and he’s not only after his gold, he’s after Diamond’s massive tits and wet pussy! Ricky peeps on Diamond while she tests out her new dildos, and when she catches him, he tells her she must pay a price if she wants to keep his pot of golden dildos! Looks like it’ll be a very happy St. Paddy’s Day for both, but will the sneaky little leprechaun keep his word?

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