Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores Sybil Stallone

Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores

Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores
Sybil Stallone and Kyle Mason

Holy fucking shit balls. Look at the fucking size of Sybil Stallone’s huge boobs.  They are fucking gigantic.  I love a big pair of knickers so let’s all enjoy this Brazzers video called Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores where Miss Stallone plays the big breasted stepmom of your dreams.

Sybil is busy doing the day to day chores.  She has decided that because she has the house to herself, she is going to do the housework in a very very short dress and no panties.  Her blue dress is so short that her huge ass sticks out at the bottom and barely covers that BBW ass at all.  She doesn’t care.  She’s home alone, so why should she care.

Miss Stallone is busy going about her business, washing the clothes, cleaning the fridge and making sure that everything is spik and span.  She is cleaning the fridge when she feels something brush up against her big beautiful ass.  It was he stepson Kyle Mason.  Her huge exposed ass was too much for his ragging hormones to take.

Fucked with her Head in the Fridge

Sybil Stallone had not realised that Kyle had decided to take a day off college and he had been watching her bend over whilst doing the housework.  He could not resist pushing his erect penis against her wobberly big booty.  Sybil was delighted that she was still able to attract a younger guy.  She pushed back against his cock and allows her stepson to fuck her from behind with her head in the fridge.

In Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores, Kyle Mason makes the most of the time he has to fuck such a horny BBW in his own house.  His dad won’t be back for a few days, so Sybil will be able to teach him all the right moves when it comes to fucking the larger lady.

Watching this outstanding hardcore BBW porn trailer, I can see that Miss Stallone never takes off her pink marigolds until the very end.  She even continues to clean the kitchen whilst Kyle cock her leg up for a great angle for the cameraman to see her big pussy.

Dicking Around The Kitchen Chores is another welcome BBW porn video from Brazzers.  I have noticed that they are becoming more and more frequent.  Maybe they have noticed a rise in web site traffic when they release a BBW video on their mega porn site.