Did Somebody Order Semen? Ryan Reid, Kaden Kole, Van Wylde

Did Somebody Order Semen?
Ryan Reid, Kaden Kole, Van Wylde

Did Somebody Order Semen?


Kaden Kole is hanging out alone in her bed touching herself when she decides to reach out to Van Wylde for a dick pic. Within seconds, Van does one better and knocks on her window with his hard cock in hand. Ryan Reid, Kayden’s new stepmom, gets wise to her plan. When she sees Van’s cock, she wants some for herself. Ryan sends Kayden’s dad in to spoil her fun and Van escapes just in time. Unsatisfied, Van comes up with a plan to get the orgasm he deserves by cutting a gloryhole in a delivery bag and showing up at the door with a surprise for Kayden. Ryan’s isn’t easy to fool and gets in on the action, teaching Kayden her milfie ways in a dirty threesome.

A babe who gets right to the point, raven-haired hottie Ryan Reid isn’t into hours of conversation at her dick appointments. Ryan says, “I don’t want to talk to u I wanna fuck u.” Just about any guy or gal would shut up and strip for this petite beauty! Ryan loves eating pussy and getting dicked down, and she also enjoys playing with her cute, little butthole solo, but of course she gets it all on video for her thousands of fans. If Ryan isn’t getting freaky on camera, she’s usually shopping for her next cute outfit that shows off her tight, little body to perfection, or hitting the beach with her fave iced coffee in hand. Don’t say a word, just press play on Ryan’s scenes now.

Standing 5’10” and thicker than a bowl of oatmeal, Kaden Kole is a towering vegan goddess of love. Kaden’s sexual abilities are even more magical than her perfect tits and ass… she has no gag reflex, and is constantly making cocks disappear! Describing herself as a free spirit and old soul, this wild hearted hottie loves travelling the world in search of fun new restaurants and other yummy things/people she can put in her mouth. Check her out as she swallows everything she can get her fine hands on in the scene above.