Does Angela White Make Anal Sex Videos?

I kid you not, I over heard a conversation on the train where a guy asked his friend, does Angela White make anal sex videos.  As you can imagine, my ears pricked up and I did my very best to listen in to more of this conversation.  All I could make out over the sound of some cunt eating crisps on the other side of the aisle was that he had never seen an Angela White anal sex video before.

Australian Pornstar Angela WhitePart of me wanted to jump out of my seat and join in this conversation.  As you can imagine, I’m an Angela White fan and have been ever so fortunate to edit an Angela White Property Sex video a few years ago.  She could be the most famous pornstar I have ever edited.

I could not believe that this guy had never seen an Angela White anal sex scene.  this led me to think that there maybe others out there in the same boat.

So let me answer that question that I heard…Does Angela White Make Anal Sex Videos?

We might as well start off with this classic anal sex video that the title really gives away.  It’s Angela Loves Anal from November 2016.  This could be the first Angela White anal sex video that I ever saw.  Watching her tight butthole being penetrated by Marcus Dupree cemented this big breasted Australian mega star into my all time favourite porn star list.

Now let’s pop over to Reality Kings and watch the Australian anal lover performing in the fans favourite called Foxy Angela Loves Anal, released way back in October 2017.  A very similar porn video title don’t you think?  So just by these two videos alone, you can already figure out that Miss White loves a big cock in her butt.

Angela White Cock in her Ass

In this anal sex video, Angela white is dressed as a kinky fox and even has a foxes tail dildo stuffed in her arse while Marcus pounds away at her pussy.  With a set of foxes ears on her head Angela really looks sexy as fuck in this video.

So there you go.  If you were that guy on the train talking about Angela White taking cock deep in her arse, I hope I have answered your question.  Angela White CERTAINLY does make anal sex videos, and they are fucking awesome!

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