Doin’ Yoga With Mona Van Wylde, Mona Azar

Doin' Yoga With Mona

Doin’ Yoga With Mona
Van Wylde, Mona Azar

It gives me great pleasure to welcome back Mona Azar to a Brazzers video.  I’ve been looking forward to seeing her big tits arse again, ever since her Brazzers debut in Morning After Masturbation.  In her new video called Doin’ Yoga With Mona we once again see that sexy big ass getting put through it’s paces.


I’m also happy to find that Brazzers have given Mona Azar the chance to show off her curvy body whilst doing some yoga at a spa.  She is doing a private yoga class with Van Wylde.  But with this being a Brazzers yoga video, you can bet that her tight yoga pants won’t be staying on for very long.

Mona Azar is on a purple mat doing yoga, in a blue top and tight lilac leggings. Her back is arched and head tilted backwards, black hair is down and falls down the back. There are three brown stands in the background, one is on the raised section of flooring and each has a plant based ornament on top.

The plants have yellow petals with green succulents in white pots to the left and right of them. The left stand has only succulent pots. The floor is grey with a raised step with brown tiles. On the raised step there is a white archway in the wall where there is also a pink separator, this has a grid pattern where the squares are a lighter shade.

Mona Azar has no patience at all for Van Wylde’s excuses when he’s late for her private yoga class once again, but lucky for her Van is about to make up for his laziness with a very special stretching out session – and lucky for him Mona is very flexible indeed! Watch Mona stretch her back while she gives Van an unbelievable deep-throat blowjob before he rips off her yoga leggings and puts the his big fat cock deep inside her wet pussy!

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