Don’t You Dare Ignore My Ass Adriana Chechik

Don’t You Dare Ignore My Ass
Adriana Chechik, Mick Blue, Steve Holmes

Don't You Dare Ignore My Ass

That Adriana Chechik double penetration porn video that you don’t want to miss!  Adriana Chechik wakes up horny as hell. In Don’t You Dare Ignore My Ass, while her husband, Steve Holmes, claims to be too busy to fuck her (as he usually does), she catches his assistant, Mick Blue, staring at her ass and decides to toy with both him and her husband.


Adriana sneakily teases her ass to Mick behind her husband’s back as they work, then lures him into the bedroom, telling him to leave the door open. She seduces him into a blowjob and anal sex, moaning as loudly as she possibly can, trying to get her husband’s attention.

During Don’t You Dare Ignore My Ass, when Steve finally checks in on her and catches her with Mick, she taunts him about their lacklustre sex life until Steve decides to prove his worth by giving her the DP she’s been craving.

About Adriana Chechik

Even the most seasoned connoisseurs of adult entertainment were shocked and titillated when bright-eyed Adriana Chechik stepped onto the scene with her raunchy repertoire of devious deeds. Anal? Double anal? Triple anal? You name it, this filthy freak has done it, but don’t worry, she’s open to suggestions and ready to shoot anything you can throw her way!

Ever since her first steamy scene in 2012, studios haven’t stopped battling each other to get Adriana’s tasty talents on camera, and not just because of her anal skills, and those talents have led to Adriana picking up just about every industry award there is, including a 2017 AVN win for Female Performer of the Year.

In Don’t You Dare Ignore My Ass, with her plump lips and big doe eyes, Adriana has a face made to be filmed, but instead of heading for the silver screen this tantalising temptress’s filthy mind led her straight to porn, where everyone is going bonkers for this babe’s badass approach to fucking. But who is the real Adriana behind all the raunchy sexcapades?

Miss Chechik may have taken on some of the most notorious dicks in the booty biz, but she still gets the same butterflies in her stomach that she had on her first shoot. You’d think she’d be desensitised after all the dirty deeds she does on a daily basis, but this gorgeous gal is just as giddy as any naughty newcomer. Her love of all things strange has made her an instant star, but it’s her genuine enthusiasm and enduring excitement that will make her a staple in this crazy business called porn!

About Mick Blue

Hailing from the same town as Schwarzenegger, Mick Blue is the other Austrian Terminator: the Pussy Terminator! With a nine inch dick that dangles to his knees and bod sculpted by the gods, it’s no surprise that Mick won multiple AVN awards for “Best Male Performer of the Year” as well as an induction into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2017.

In Don’t You Dare Ignore My Ass, a blue-eyed cocksmith with abs of steel, Mick has no problem dicking three to four chicks in a row, handing out orgasms like a human sex toy. Making his porno debut during a Parisian orgy, Mick out-fucked his competition and was eventually crowned “Last Cock Standing.” With 5 eager sluts passing his meat-bone around like a microphone in a karaoke bar, Mick knew at once that he had found his destiny!

First dominating the European smut scene, Mick eventually brought his cock-wielding skills over to America and achieved superstar status. Now having starred in literally thousands of scenes and directed a few hundred to boot, it goes without saying: Mick Blue has one of the most recognisable blue-veiners in porn today.

About Steve Holmes 

Steve Holmes’ official XXX title could be the International Man of Debauchery. With over 20 years in the adult industry, 2,500 scenes under his belt, and a nice collection of AVN awards at home, there’s nothing this German silver fox hasn’t done in bed. Still he keeps on shooting smut, both in front of and behind the cameras!

During Don’t You Dare Ignore My Ass, this globally acclaimed porn megastar and director, Steve Holmes has more than made up for his late start. A longtime senior exec for a PC company in Munich, he was already 35 years old when he daringly shed his suit-and-tie to fuck beautiful babes on film! Needless to say, Steve Holmes enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame!

But starting out in the ’90s, an era where the male talent stayed mostly unknown, his success is impressive indeed. Well, until you clap eyes on his massive schlong! Always the European gentleman, he’ll tell you his cock is a modest 9.5″, but some starlets whisper it’s closer to 13″. Notorious for his sexual prowess, pussy-wetting accent, and being the epitome of tall-and-handsome, Steve Holmes continues to be one of LA’s most booked actors. And after two decades spent inside the world’s sexiest ladies, why would he ever pull out of porn?

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