Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap Blake Blossom

Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap
Xander Corvus, Blake Blossom, Olivia Jay

Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap

OK, it’s my wife’s birth today, so I haven’t got a lot of time to write a reviews of Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap.  I’m a little gutted because it features the hot blonde Blake Blossom, a pornstar that I have starred to really admire over the last few months.


Blake Blossom is a blonde bombshell who catches Xander Corvus jerking off in her nylons yet again. She’s had enough. But her badass babe of a roommate, Olivia Jay, digs it and yoinks Xander out of the room by his dick behind her back. During Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap, she takes him to her room, wraps his cock in the stocking and sucks it hard. Xander’s worried they might get caught but Olivia isn’t afraid of Blake.

Olivia squirts all over Xander’s cock and Blake walks in right before Xander’s about to bust his load. She takes over and shows Olivia how a real cum slut does it. In Double Pop Nylon Runner Swap, Blake makes Xander take a seat and watch her fuck Olivia. Blake scissors with Olivia until she decides she wants Xander’s cock involved, and he joins the threesome of his dreams.

I’ve got a feeling that we will be seeing this Brazzers threesome video showing up as a porn advert on the porn tube sites over the next few weeks or so.  It has all the ingredients that a square video advert needs to have.   It’s got shocked faces, a bit of running around, hot babes and a funny storyline.

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