Dressed To Empress Bridgette B and Mick Blue

Dressed To Empress

Dressed To Empress
Mick Blue and Bridgette B

It’s always a joy to wake up to see that there is another Bridgette B porn video coming soon.  I’ve been a fan of hers for quite a while now. I even wrote a special blog post about Bridgette B that she retweeted on her person Twitter account.

In Dressed To Empress Bridgette B is sporting her sexy blonde hair, and has plenty of boob on show.  She has a pink top on but I’m sure she is nor wearing a bra underneath.  This blonde sexy Latina babe is being shown around a holiday chalet by her man, Mick Blue, but she is not very impressed by it at all.


The only thing Bridgette will be impressed by is Mick Blue’s big cock and sexual stamina. When Mick has enough of her complaining, he gets his award winning cock out and treat Bridgette B to a hardcore fucking in the sofa.

Mick Blue has just rented a vacation house for the weekend, but his sexy, high-maintenance wife Bridgette B… not so much. Bridgette sulks and complains about everything in the house. Luckily, Mick is an expert at dealing with Bridgette’s moods and knows how to cheer her up.

In Dressed To Empress, he fetches a bottle of massage oil and starts rubbing her feet, before massaging her beautiful ass. Once Bridgette has softened, Mick pulls out his dick to give her a good fucking, which is a surefire way to solve any conflict.

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