Editing the Ginebra Bellucci Public Agent Video

Here we have the Ginebra Bellucci Public Agent Video that I edited for FAKEhub.  I was really delighted to be editing such a pretty face.


The main storyline to this new Public Agent video is that Ginebra Bellucci is a Ariana Grande look a like.  The Public Agent is trying to convince Ginebra Bellucci that she could be a body double for the famous pop star in a new music video.


If only I could edit a Ariana Grande sex tape!  Well this is going to be the closest I am going to get.  Whether you think that Miss Bellucci looks like her or not, this Public Agent video will certainly leave you with that fantasy in your mind.

As soon as Ariana Grande’s name is mentioned, I just have her face in my mind.  It was fun editing this Latina Celebrity Look a Like Fucked video whilst pretending is WAS Miss Grande.

So when Ginebra Bellucci finally accepted the fact that she needed to fuck this guy to be in a pop video, I just pictures Ariana’s face during the POV blowjob.

I have been editing a lot of sexy Latina girls recently.  I know…it’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.  What I have found is that they all love to twerk on cock.  I think every Latina that has appeared on my editing screen over the passed 3-4 weeks has given a great example of how to twerk on a big cock.

Ginebra Bellucci gets fucked in an abandoned warehouse after accepting cash and the promise of appearing in a Ariana Grande music video.  She gives and awesome POV blowjob and she also breaks into orgasm whilst having her Latina pussy licked.

If you like petite Latina brunettes who can twerk, you’ll love this latest Public Agent video from FAKEhub.  I know I fucking did!