Editing the Petite Princess Eve Fake Taxi Video

This is the first time that I have ever seen Petite Princess Eve.  In fact, I have to say I have never heard of Petite Princess Eve until I saw her name on my editing schedule.



So you can imagine how happy I was to see that she had a pair of big titties on her.  It wasn’t until I stared to edited this Fake Taxi porn video that it became obvious that Petite Princess Eve is relatively new to the adult business.

In this Big Breasted Blonde Euro MILF Fake Taxi HD video, she falls for John’s London taxi tradition storyline. He has used this chat up technique to get into plenty of women’s knicker’s during his time driving his London taxi.

He explains to her that it is traditional if a woman is travelling in a London taxi for the first time, that he must give her the ride for free.  BUT only if she flashes her tits for him.  In this video, John goes one step further and also asks to see her European pussy.  She was game.  She had no problem in flashing all her bits and pieces for the chance of a free ride.

Petite Princess Eve turns the table on John the taxi driver and asks to see his cock.  When she see’s the legendary Bishop, she has to have a taste of it.  John takes her to a quiet place that he knows where he gets to fuck this hot blonde European MILF.

They fuck in the back of the taxi.  There is a tremendous titty wank sequence that was a delight to edit.  Her massive tits easily wrap around Johns long white cock.  I’m really hoping to see more of Petite Princess Eve.  Maybe she will appear in some more FAKEhub reality porn videos very soon…