Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend

Elizabeth Fucks Mom's New Boyfriend

Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend
Pascal White and Elizabeth Romanova

Well well well, if it’s not one of the sexiest petite blonde pornstars that I have had the pleasure of editing.  Yes, it’s the stunning Elizabeth Romanova appearing in a Brazzers hardcore porn video.  I believe that this is the first time she has been in a Brazzers video since May 2019.

This tiny little blonde has been on my radar ever since I edited a couple of her awesome Fake Taxi videos.  I really enjoyed editing those.  Her performance was always top notch.  I’ll always remember the shot of her laying on the backseat of the Fake Taxi with a single rose in her arse…brilliant!

So what is Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend all about.  well, it sounds self explanatory really doesn’t it.  She is a sexy blonde who love to tease her mom’s new boyfriends.  Miss Romanova knows that her tight little body is too much for most men to turn down if it’s offered on a plate.

For Pascal White, there was no way he was going to turn don the opportunity to get his cock in this sexy blonde prick tease’s wet pussy.  Even if she is her girlfriend’s daughter.

Tiny Blonde Elizabeth Fucked by an Older Guy

In the opening shots of Brazzers Elizabeth Fucks Mom’s New Boyfriend we find Elizabeth on her knees wearing some light blue denim hot pants that really show off that tiny little ass.  She is also wearing a pair of thick dark rimmed glasses to make her look like a geeking college girl.

Wondering around the house in bare feet, she stumbles upon her mom’s new boyfriend masturbating on his bed.  She stops to watch for a while.  The sexy little blonde loves to watch a man stroke his cock.  Her hand wonders down to her pussy and she plays with her clit and she continues to watch him wank.

Elizabeth Romanova then comes up with a plan to get her pussy fucked.  She know her moms new boyfriend will have to walk passed the living room, so she lays on the sofa with her panties down and her tits out.  She slowly plays with her pussy just as he strolls into the lounge.  Elizabeth’s pussy is ready for a good hard fuck.

With her mom out on a shopping trip, Elizabeth makes the most of having areal man to fuck.  all her previous college boyfriends have let her down when it came to fucking her pussy.  Most guys could not last more than 30 seconds before shooting their loads over her face.

But Belgian male pornstar, Pascal White, was no such guy.  He was not going to miss out of fucking this tiny blonde in as many sexual positions as he possibly can.

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