Escorted Medusa, Vince Karter

Medusa, Vince Karter



Medusa is a sexy and savvy lady who knows how to get dick. She goes outside in a trench coat and nothing but a hot lingerie set underneath. When she finds a cute guy, she flashes him and then leads him into her building. Medusa then lets the lucky guy give her a good fucking.

One glance from Spanish hottie Medusa is enough make even the filthiest of perverts harder than stone. This curvy babe with big tits is a pro at luring unsuspecting men to her dwelling and then blowing their mind with sex so wild that they never want to leave!

Medusa is a natural gorger of hard cock, and boasts the type of beauty that deserves to be immortalised in marble, on canvas, and in smut, so naturally, the porn world was a perfect fit. Keeping herself chiseled with regular sweat sessions in the gym and letting loose on the dance floor, this party girl only has one rule: the more the merrier!