Fake Agent UK Barbie Roxx Episode

Fake Agent UK Barbie Roxx Episode - Scene Description :-
So I asked Barbie, 'have you ever considered doing porn?' To which she says, 'what's the money like?' A girl after my own heart, straight to the point.

Barbie Roxxx Fake Agent UK

Well, of course I tell her it's fucking amazing and within minutes she's stark bollock naked strumming her clit on my sofa. Perfect.

From the outset I noticed she had one of the prettiest pink little arsehole's I've seen in a long time. So naturally I got my fingers well stuck into it. Tight little thing too. Very tight. So was her pussy I was to find, a lovely snug fit around my fat helmet.

Need less to say this caused some issues so now and again I had to pause for thought to stop me blowing my wad up that tight hole.

After I'd put quite a lot of ground work in and got her to work her magic on top I got her back onto her knees and unloaded both barrel bollocks over her face.

Oh my fucking God, what a facial. It just kept cumming and cumming. There was spunk everywhere... Eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth the lot.

I offered her some wipes, though what she needed was a North Sea clean up crew. What a mess.