Fake Taxi Alexa Shore Episode

Fake Taxi Alexa Shore Episode - Scene Description :-
Well, welcome to the spin class girl. I've heard from other drivers that there is a woman deliberately not taking enough money with her in the taxi and then offering to suck or fuck the driver to get a free ride.

Fake Taxi Alexa Shore

She saves a fucking fortune. So I was not gonna make this easy for her so when she suggested paying with a blowjob. I said I needed to earn some money today and I really need the cash. Then she said I could fuck her if I also picked her back up after the gym class. I knew all along that I was gonna fuck her, so I had my fun and then agreed. It wasn't long before I was balls deep and as much as I was enjoying it, I really did need to crack on and try and earn some money today. So let's get this party started.