Fake Taxi Hazel Jones and Jack Marshall Episode

Fake Taxi Hazel Jones and Jack Marshall Episode - Scene Description :-
Well what seemed like just another day just got a bit better. I picked up a couple who have not seen each other for a few weeks and naturally they were all over each other, kissing and holding hands.

Fake Taxi Hazel Jones

But then it seemed to turn up a notch, as after asking me to drive around for a bit as they had some time to kill, they soon started undressing each other and before I knew it her tits were out.

They asked if I didn't mind and of course I said no problem. After getting completely naked and performing lot's of oral sex I then thought it was time to let them know about the security camera.

At first they seemed surprised but then asked if they could have a copy. I said I don't know about that, then they suggested that maybe I could join them as a thank you for the backseat video.

I was not turning that invitation down, but for now I was more than happy to simply watch.