Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that Blue Dress Iconic Video

Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that Blue Dress

This is the Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that blue dress iconic porn video.  It is one of the most recognisable Fake Taxi ever released.  Jasmine sitting in the backseat in a light blue dress with that cheeky smile and outstanding looking figure.


This British FakeTaxi video was released on the internet on May 23rd, 2013 and was Jasmine’s first appearance on the backseat of the infamous London taxi.  Miss Jae is on the backseat talking to one of her girlfriends.  Jasmin is explaining that she has not had sex for a while but she in convinced that she has not lost her touch.

That figure hugging blue dress shows off her flat stomach and perfect looking bust.  her arms are covered by a black leather jacket that finishes of the look perfectly.  Jasmine Jae does a fabulous job in talking on her phone for the opening 3 minutes.  It’s not often the Fake Taxi driver is kept quiet for so long.

This Fake Taxi Jasmine Jae in that blue dress video is officially called Busty Brunette’s Dry Spell Ends With Cabbie’s Hard Fucking.  The scenario that plays out is about Jasmine trying to prove that she can still get a fuck out of any guy she chooses.  In this video she decides to try it on with the taxi driver.

She doesn’t have to work that hard.  He heard her phone conversation where she told her girlfriend that she was going to try and shag him.  He was not going to take much persuading to jump in the back and fuck her pussy with his big fat cock.

I really enjoy the blowjob in this Fake Taxi blue dress video.  Jasmine Jae’s big tits look great in a blue bra and she sticks a big cock down her throat.