Fake Taxi Shona River Anal Sex HD Video

Fake Taxi Shona River Anal


I had the great pleasure in editing this hot Fake Taxi Shona River anal sex HD video. Shona has one of the sexiest bodies that has ever graced the backseat of the legendary Fake Taxi.

So when I realised that this was going to be an Shona River anal sex video, it made editing this feature length Fake Taxi anal sex video a real delight.

I had made Shona River a deal, and it was finally time to collect: we had agreed that if I took her on holiday to Majorca, she’d let me fuck her pretty little arsehole!

Here’s the official Fake Taxi Shona River scene description, written by the real Fake Taxi driver.

She was on the phone with her mum bragging when I drove up, so I pranked her and said I couldn’t get the tickets. It worked! She freaked out! I’m hilarious, aren’t I? I laughed as I pulled the tickets out, and she offered to give me a blowjob as a reward.

I brought her into the front seat and she sucked my cock, then I pulled over and she sat her arse on my cock. I fucked her arse and her pussy, it was heavenly! After she sucked my cock and gave me a rimjob, she wanked me off to a huge cumshot.

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