Fantasy British Pornstar 5-A-Side Soccer Team

Here is a bit of fun to discuss, it’s my fantasy British pornstar 5-a-side soccer team.  Yes, I have used the term ‘soccer’ to appeal to my American readers.  Of course, we all know it should be referred to as ‘football’.  But hey, I’ve got to keep my readers happy.


I played in many 5-a-side tournaments in my youth and picked up quite a few trophies on the way.  Now as I try to think of new and unique topics to discuss on my porn blog, I have decided to use my 5-a-side knowledge and think about my ultimate fantasy British pornstar 5-a-side soccer team.


The obvious choice to most people would be a BBW pornstar.  Someone who cold fill up most of the goal, just by standing still.  But I disagree.  My experience would say that you need someone very mobile, able to gather the ball and release it very quickly to their team mates.  For this reason, I have selected who I think would be most suitable for this position based on agility.  so my goalkeeper for my pornstar 5-a-side soccer team would be Carmel Anderson.


I have decided to go with just one main defender.  I need a no-nonsense attitude to keep things organised and disciplined through out the team.  So the pornstar I have selected to martial the team is going to be Stacey Saran.  I have edited quite a few Stacey Saran porn videos in the past, so I think she would be ideal for this position.


I need two midfield dynamo’s to fill the midfield with grace and creativity.  I have thought long and hard about this position.  I remember a threesome Fake Taxi porn video where two hot British pornstar really worked well together.  Stella Cox and Tina Kay really made a huge impact on me as a Fake Taxi editor and fan.  These two saucy natural individuals really do have what it takes to create something out of nothing.


Thus was always going to be the toughest position to find a pornstar to fill.  With so many top rated British babes able to deliver the final punch.  I could go with Louise Lee.  A blonde pornstar who is creating a bit of a wave in the British porn industry and working very hard.  Or Ava Austen, who is very popular, reliable and never let’s you down.

But my choice for my pornstar 5-a-side soccer team is going to be Georgie Lyall.  I don’t think I could put a British pornstar team out on the pitch without the ever popular blonde bombshell Miss Lyall.  Her sexy body, pretty face and those wonderful boobs would be a constant distraction for any defender.

If you enjoyed this bit of fun, then feel free to leave a comment below and let me know who you would select as your pornstar 5-a-side football team.  Or follow me on Twitter and send me a tweet with your selection.