Foot Pampering Fun Gina Gerson

Foot Pampering Fun

Foot Pampering Fun
Raul Costa, Gina Gerson

OK, I’ll say it…I am no fan of foot fetish videos.  I really don’t understand how anyone can get turned on by feet!  I remember editing Fake Taxi videos where the driver would get his big cock wanked off by the passengers feet!  It’s really not for me!

So when I saw that Brazzers have just released this Foot Pampering Fun video starring Gina Gerson I knew I was going to struggle to write a short review for it.  But, it’s why I get up early in the morning, so I might as well give it a shot.


Gina and her Spanish boyfriend Raul Costa are chilling on the sofa, when Gina decides that she need to give her feet some attention.  She rubs her feet all over with some foot moisturiser and nail polish.  To his surprise, Raul is getting turned on watching gina pamper her little tiny Russian feet.

Gina can see that Raul wants her to touch his cock with her feet, but she is being a sexy little tease.  She is going to make him wait until he is bulging out of his pants before playing with his big cock.

I’m not going to describe how Gina uses her feet to pleasure her man…I got to distracted when she walks up some stairs in a pair of really short shorts.  She has got the most amazing little ass.  WOW you can she a glimpse of her arse cheeks as the camera follows her.  Fucking great piece of camera work right there!!

If you like watching small women getting fucked by big cock, then you will love watch Gina Gerson and Raul Costa in Foot Pampering Fun.  She is tiny…with a tiny little ass…I wonder if she does anal?

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