Full Cavity Search Pt. 1 Nathaly Cherie, Polly Pons

Full Cavity Search Pt. 1
Nathaly Cherie, Polly Pons


This looks like the European Brazzers crew trying to replicate the success of that airport security video take went viral starring Jayla Page.  In this new video called Full Cavity Search, we see 2 security officers (in cheap looking uniforms, TBH).  Nathaly Cherry is looking to try and search every part of Polly Puns before she can go any further.


Nathaly decides to take Polly into the search room of the airport for a more in depth search.  When Polly Pons removes her panties, Nathaly discovers a buttplug neatly buried in her ass.  Nathaly takes great delight in slowly removing the buttplug and then inserting a couple of fingers to make sure there are no other foreign objects in Polly Pons ass.

Full Cavity Search Pt 1 is a full on lesbian porn video with plenty of hardcore lesbian sex acts taking place at airport security.  I’m guessing that part 2 will be where the male airport security staff member joins in for a threesome.

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