Game Of Thrones Final Series My Review

Review of Game Of Thrones

Trying to avoid Game of Thrones final series spoilers was like running through a minefield every morning.  Unable to watch each episode as it was aired, meant that I had to watch it the following evening on NOWTV catch-up.

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After waiting 18 months and getting asked “when is Game of Thrones back on”, by the wife on a monthly basis, it was a relief to finally be able to sit and watch this ground breaking HBO T.V. series come to it’s anti-climatic conclusion.

Game Of Thrones Final Series – No Spoilers

I’m fully aware that there will be thousands of people who have not seen Game of Thrones Series 8, so I won’t give everything away, but let me first say that the production on this series is off the fucking charts.  If I was not a porn editor, then I would give my right hand to be part of producing something like this…it’s absolutely epic.  It’s like 6 films condensed into 6 episodes of pure high budget film making.

After re-familiarising yourself with the main characters in Series 8 episode 1,  episode 2 is when when you realise why HBO increased the budget by a reported 33% for this GOT final series.  There were complaints about the beginning of episode 2 being shot to dark, which I would agree with to some extent, but if you have your T.V set up properly, it won’t be a problem.  The way the Night King was killed off was a piece of T/V. gold.  Has to be one of the best Game of Thrones moments ever.

Game Of Thrones Final Series
Pete Jenson and Aruba Jasmine in Game of Thrones Porn Parody called Storm of Kings

Game Of Thrones Final Series also came in for some criticism for the lack of character development and some characters going ‘out of character’ just to suit the producers storyline.  To be honest, I was too immersed in the special effects, the production, and enjoying these new Game of Thrones Episodes to really notice.  Unless you have a really good memory, some of the character changes refer to something they did/say maybe 5 series ago…I think it’s just the die hard fans who have a huge problem about that.

Game Of Thrones Final Series Anti-Climatic?

It wasn’t until the penultimate episode that I started to worry about the final episode.  After watching the event unfold on screen, I started to wonder how the storyline was going to be wrapped up in one 60 minute final episode.  I had a gut wrenching feeling that it was going to be an anti-climax.

To my huge disappointment, I have to say that I was right.  I spent the first 45 minutes of the Game Of Thrones Final Series episode 6, looking at my watch thinking, when is it going to start up-ing the pace and something exciting to happen.  It just didn’t happen for me personally.  Both the wife and I sat in silence at the final credits appeared on screen.  We just felt empty and (quite frankly) let down.  After spending so many hours watching since Series 1, to just feel so disappointed was a little upsetting.

However, I’m not going to let a T.V. series that has given me so much pleasure in watching for 10 years to be ruined by the final 60 minutes.  It’s been one of the greatest TV shows I have ever seen (if not the greatest).  Breaking Bad and 24 are the only other T.V. shows that I would call ‘great’.  If I had to say what my favourite T.V series is, I would still say Game Of Thrones.  But would I sit and watch it all over again now that I know the ending…? Probably not.

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