Girlsway A Strapping New Neighbor

Maya Kendrick accommodatingly returns a bundle to her new neighbor, Jenna Sativa, that was erroneously shipped off her. Jenna is appreciative, accepting that it’s a cream she requested, and welcomes Maya inside for a talk to get to know her.

Girlsway a Strapping New Neighbor

Yet, as they inactively talk about the cream, Jenna starts opening the bundle… then, at that point, rapidly understands it’s NOT the cream however a lash on she’s arranged all things considered!

Maya is frightened however interested, and becomes progressively bothered as Jenna concedes that it’s without a doubt a lash on and that she’s a lesbian. In Girlsway A Strapping New Neighbor, Jenna is soothed when Maya just turns out to be significantly more interested as she begins posing inquiries about the tie on.


This ultimately prompts Jenna inquiring as to whether Maya might want her to give it a shot just to see what it resembles. Obviously, when Jenna slips into the tackle and is tied in, Maya’s interest defeats her as a sudden desire grabs hold!