Girlsway Back In Town

Girlsway Back In Town

Girlsway Back In Town
Isabella Nice and Jaye Summers

Jaye Summers is in her living room. She has an excited look on her face and seems to be waiting anxiously for something. Her doorbell rings and Jaye’s face lights up as she goes to answer it.

This is clearly what she’s been waiting for. She opens the door and sees Isabella Nice standing there with a piece of carryon luggage. Both girls are instantly overjoyed, throwing their arms around each other in a fierce hug as they shriek excitedly and jump up and down.


In Girlsway Back In Town, they are old friends and haven’t seen each other in over ten years since Isabella and her family moved away. Isabella has come to stay with Jaye for the summer to catch up. Jaye shows Isabella the guestroom where she’ll be staying for the summer.

During Girlsway Back In Town, as they chat, they are pleasantly surprised to learn that they are both lesbians. This only deepens their bond and they decide to celebrate the kickoff to their summer by having some sexy, no-strings-attached, girl on girl, pussy licking fun. Looks like this is gonna be a summer to remember!!

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