GIRLSWAY Inquiring Minds Aften Opal

GIRLSWAY Inquiring Minds
Aften Opal and Nikole Nash

Girlsway Inquiring Minds

Aften Opal, a school reporter, arrives at Nikole Nash’s house to do a profile on her. Aften seems especially earnest, which surprises Nikole because she’s not sure why the school newspaper is doing a piece on HER — she’s nothing special. But Aften insists that since Nikole is out as a lesbian in a small town, it’s important to hear her voice!


In GIRLSWAY Inquiring Minds, as the interview goes on, it’s clear that Aften admires Nikole. Although the questions are seemingly innocent, Aften Opal is so earnest that it sometimes weirds Nikole out. Things especially take a weird turn when Aften starts asking her personal questions! THAT’S when it’s too much and Nikoke confronts Aften… and learns that Aften is a lesbian, too!

During GIRLSWAY Inquiring Minds, Aften goes on to explain that she’s a closeted lesbian and that once she heard about Nikole, she was desperate to connect with her. She even begged her newspaper to let her do a piece to get close! Although Nikole is a bit taken aback by everything, she ultimately finds Aften endearing and there’s a spark between them. Now it’s time to give Aften the inside scoop!

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