Grool Power Blondie Fesser and Olivia Lapiedra

Grool Power
Blondie Fesser and Olivia Lapiedra

Grool Power

Blondie Fesser is getting a tour of her new apartment with its current owner, Olivia Lapiedra. Blondie is obsessed with sniffing other girls’ panties, asses and pussies. As Olivia shows her around the apartment, Blondie sneaks in a few whiffs of Olivia’s ass whenever she can – she even steals her dirty panties from a laundry basket to inhale them secretly.


In Grool Power, all this sneaking around gets her wet – exceptionally wet. Blondie can barely hide her dripping juices, it’s a problem! Once Olivia discovers what Blondie has been up to, she gives her the opportunity to soak it all in with some wet and wild lesbian fucking!

About Blondie Fesser

Striking that perfect balance between sinful and sweet, naughty and nice, and of course curvy and tight, is Blondie Fesser. With a mouthful of braces, incredible big natural tits, and an eye-popping big juicy booty, this Argentinean hottie is everything from your dirtiest daydreams brought to life.

A lover of nature, Blondie uses her considerable social media pull to fight the good fight for animals everywhere. In fact, the only thing that Blondie is more passionate about than her furry friends is getting fucked on film!

Originally from Argentina, Blondie now lives in Barcelona, making this beauty a truly worldly woman who can speak three languages, and that’s not even counting the language of love! So make sure to check out our girl Blondie in Grool Power today, because there’s nothing hotter than a beautiful woman who knows when to tease and when to please!

About Olivier Lapiedra

Busty babe Olivia Lapiedra doesn’t often have to bait, because she’s much more talented at tackle! This sporty seductress plays rugby and American football, so you know she can wrap her arms around you, take you down to bed, and cradle the balls till she scores.

As talented on the pitch as she is with a pencil, Olivia is also an avid artist, drawing curves as lucious as deep as her big booty and huge tits! Whether she’s running the scrum or touching down on set, it’s always an exciting time when Olivia gets to play.

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