Hipsters Get Schooled Lexi Luna, Kylie Rocket, Van Wylde

Hipsters Get Schooled
Lexi Luna, Kylie Rocket, Van Wylde


As a big fan of the hot MILF Lexi Luna it is always a pleasure to see her in a new Brazzers video.  Today we find her in a threesome alongside Kylie Rocket and Van Wylde.  At the time of writing this blog entry, there is no description or trailer available so it is difficult to write about the scene,

I am going to guess that Kylie Rocket has a new boyfriend.  She has invited him to meet her step-parents.  But when he thinks that the parent are out of the way, he starts to try and get Kylie to suck his dick.  But his powers of seduction are terrible.  The step-parents, Van Wylde and Lexi Luna step in to help this guy with his romantic side.  When Lexi starts to show him how to turn a girl on, he flee’s when he ejaculates in his pants.

This leaves Lexi and Kylie very horny together.  They start to make out as Van watches and gets very aroused.  His cock is bursting to come out. Lexi is the first to want his cock in her mouth, and she gleefully shares that big cock with her stepdaughter.