I Can’t I’m Married Kendra Sutherland

I Can't I'm Married

I Can’t I’m Married
Isiah Maxwell, Kendra Sunderland

If you enjoy watching platinum blonde babes being fucked by big black cock, then you have found the video you are looking for.  Kendra Sutherland gets her tight pussy slammed by Isiah Maxwell’s big black cock in I Can’t I’m Married.

We find co-workers Kendra and Isiah in Kendra’s house.  She has invited Isiah over to look at some business figures that she had been struggling with in the office.  Isiah can see that her stress levels are very high.  He offer to give her a gentle shoulder massage to help relieve a little bit of stress.


The platinum blonde babe Kendra Sutherland is not over keen on getting a shoulder massage from his big hands. She is far too aware of inappropriate touching in the work place. But since they are in her own house, she seem conflicted.

In I Can’t I’m Married, wearing a purple blouse, a string pearl neckless, Kendra certainly looks fucking sexy as fuck.  She certainly would be the office eye candy in any office that I have ever worked it.  With a few too many top buttons on her purple blouse undone, her wonderful cleavage is fully on display.

Isiah Maxwell gets a superb view of her tits as he stands behind her rubbing her shoulders.  He has always been complimented on his massage technique by a few other women in the office.  He has fucked a few of them too.  He is finding her boobs far too distracting to concentrate of the work Kendra has asked him to help her with.

When Isiah has finished massaging her shoulders, he offers a foot rub.  He explains that the best stress relief he can offer is rubbing the soles of her feet.  Now slightly more relaxed, this blonde bombshell takes off her work shoes and lets her work colleague rub her feet.  She is  surprised just how nice it feels.  Her splendid cleavage is now starting to show more and more of her great looking tits.

During I Can’t I’m Married, as the camera shows close ups of her feet being massaged, we get a little bit of up-skirt action.  We are able to see right up her short black skirt.  Eventually Kendra opens up her legs to get a little more comfortable.  It now that we get a great looking at her sexy underwear.  She is wearing a peach coloured bra and panties set, it’s beautiful and fits her like a glove.

When Isiah Maxwell’s cock is bulging in his pants, he takes things a little further and start to nipple on Kendra’s big toe.  She is startled at first, but as she realises just how nice it feels, she lets him continue.  The thoughts of her husband coming home early suddenly enter her mind.  But her mind gets overwhelmed by the sexual sensations running through her body.

Mr Maxwell carries Kendra into the kitchen and slowly peels off her panties.  Her pussy is moist and waiting for his big black cock to slide in and penetrate her.  This Brazzers interracial porno sees Kendra Sutherland playing a married woman who cannot resist a big black cock.  She lets her co-worker work his magic by seducing her in her own home.

Miss Sutherland forgets about her boring marries life for 30 minutes as she enjoys being fucked hard and fast by her colleagues huge cock.  Her delicate pussy gets stretched like it has never bee stretched before.  Will she ever be able to look her husband in the eye again after being unfaithful wit ha black guy.

This is the 6th time that Kendra Sutherland has appeared in a Brazzers video.  Her sweet big natural boobs are certainly becoming a fans favourite.  Her natural boobs looked fantastic in this I Can’t I’m Married video.  Watching her making them bounce around in that purple blouse and peach coloured bra, was very enjoyable.

I bet she is a right little prick teaser in the office. Wearing short skirts and having top button on her blouses undone is a sure fire way of getting plenty of male attention in any office she works at.

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