I Like Your Dad Better Bunny Colby, Keiran Lee

I Like Your Dad Better
Bunny Colby, Keiran Lee

I Like Your Dad Better

The curvy pornstar Bunny Colby appearing in her first Brazzers porn video since February 2020. It’s a very warm welcome return for this stunning American pornstar.

In I Like Your Dad Better, Bunny is at her boyfriends house expecting to get fucked.  She has been feeling horny all day and was looking forward to having her pussy licks and her tits sucked.

But when she arrives at her BF’s house, she finds him more interested in his computer game.  She is trying to get his attention by showing him her outstanding cleavage and lifting her skirt higher and higher, but he is just not interested.

Eventually she prepares to leave, but decides to pop up upstairs to visit the bathroom.  As she walks along the hallway, she can hear the shower running.  She sticks her head into the unlock bathroom to find her boyfriends dad, Keiran Lee, naked in the shower.


She takes out her phone and starts to film him all leathered up.  Bunny has always thought Keiran was fine example of DILF so she was keen to get some video of him naked.  When Keiran turns off the shower Miss Colby dashes into his bedroom and lays on his bed.

When Keiran Lee arrive in his bedroom to find this college babe waiting for him, he has no shame in letting her suck his cock.  Very soon Bunny Colby was gagging on his cock as she does her very best to impress him with her blowjob skills.

Keiran Lee fucks the hell out of his son’s girlfriend while he is downstairs playing computer games.  Keiran is in dreamland once again.  He can’t believe that he is fucking this hot college babe at his age.  He makes the most of this opportunity and fucks her in every position he can think of.