I’ll Fuck Who I Want Karma RX 1080p

Karma RX and Charles Dera star in this new Brazzers 1080p video called I’ll Fuck Who I Want.  It was produced for the Brazzers Exxtra branded porn site.


In Karma RX’s 27th Brazzers porn video, she is busy doing her yoga exercises.  She is bending and stretching her sexy body in all kinds of positions.


But what she doesn’t know is that her brother-in-law, Charles Dera is secretly watching her.  He is obsessed with her body.  He is very jealous of his brother being able to fuck that pussy when ever he felt like it.

But when Charles sees that she is flirting with her personal yoga instructor, Charles has to finally say something.  He was just about to confront when he was spotted by his brother.  His brother had caught him spying on his wife.

karma rxIn Brazzers I’ll Fuck Who I Want, Charles gets a punch in the face and is knocked out cold.  When he eventually wakes up, he finds that it’s Karma RX tending to his needs.  She is so apologetic about the whole situation and explains that she has kick her husband out of the house.

She confesses to say that she knew all along that Charles was watching her from behind the door and it turned her on.  It was a fantasy of hers to be worshipped by a stranger.

Charles was no stranger, but the whole episode has made Karma very wet and horny.  She tells Charles Dera that she wants to ride on his cock.  She feels his cock bulging through his pants and realises that his cock is twice as big as his brothers.

Charles did not need a second invitation to finally get his hands on his brother’s wife’s hot body.  He really goes to town on her.  He fucks her in as many sexual positions as humanly possible.

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