In The Doghouse Alina Lopez and Zac Wild

In the doghouse

In The Doghouse
Alina Lopez and Zac Wild

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who uses in the doghouse as an expression.  I’ve been using this to explain to my friends if I’m in trouble with the wife.  It’s usually after a night out on the town and coming home late and waking the wife up.  Being in the doghouse is and expression that I’ve not had to use very often during the COVID lockdowns.

So when Zac Wild has messed up, he’s had to spend a few nights sleeping on the sofa and his girlfriends apartment.  His girlfriend won’t let him in her bed after they had had a fight.  When his girlfriends roommate finds him have naked on the sofa, she decides that it would be a good time to tease him with her own sexy body.


Zac watches her go through her yoga stretching routine right in front of his face.  He is fascinated by her amazing ass.  Alina Lopez knows that he is watching her.  She makes sure he gets a good look at her ass and cleavage, to get his cock nice and hard for some morning sex with her roommates boyfriend.

Brazzers In The Doghouse – Summary

One morning, when Alina Lopez comes downstairs in tiny pajamas, she notices her roommate’s boyfriend, Zac Wild, asleep on the couch. Looks like they had another fight. Alina never wastes an opportunity, especially when the opportunity is hunky Zac.

She starts to stretch in the living room, giving Zac a perfect view of her ass, eventually catching him watching her while rubbing his hard cock, and confirming her suspicions that he wasn’t asleep at all. She works his cock so well that he quickly agrees to cheat on his girlfriend, if only for a taste of the beautiful Alina.

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