Is That A Condom? Havana Bleu

Is That A Condom?
Johnny The Kid, Havana Bleu

Is that a condom

Havana Bleu and Johnny the Kid, newly dating, are watching a movie and eating snacks. Things are going slow and casual until Johnny digs through his pockets and a condom falls out. Havana steals the condom from Johnny and teases him about it, saying he was overconfident for thinking she’d fuck him so soon.


Really though, Havana is turned on and into the idea. After getting a steamy blowjob, Johnny rips Havana’s pants, puts his condom on and starts fucking her. Things get even better for Johnny, as Havana decides mid-sex to let Johnny forget about the condom and finish her off raw.

Havana Bleu sits on her knees, her knees far apart, on a sofa. She has her hands on the straps of her top, pulling them together and pushing her boobs up and together to enhance the exposed cleavage. Her elbows are tucked closer to her sides so as to not give a chicken like look.

The sofa is brown and there is a red blanket on the back arm rest and multiple coloured cushions along the seats, blue, green and black and white. The room is airy, with white walls and natural sunlight from a bare window on the right side of the room. The floor is a neutral coloured laminate and next to the furthest wall there is a grey yoga mat and a brown small round table in the corner with a plant pot and green plant on top.

Havana Bleu’s hair is dark brown and in a middle parting. It has been straightened with hair straighteners and is long as it falls down her back and loose around her shoulders. She has a tanned skin tone, with a subtle glow. Her eyebrows are the same brown colour as her hair and are arched upwards. She has some blusher and bronzer on her cheeks and forehead.

Havana Bleu has little eye makeup, with only black mascara on her eyelashes for length around her dark coloured eyes. She has a wide grin on her face, showing her straight white teeth and her lips have been left natural with just a lip balm. For her outfit Havana Bleu wears a grey top with thin straps and a criss cross style neckline that exposes her boobs. On her bottom half she wears black leggings

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