Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?

Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass

Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?
Xander Corvus and Kayla Kayden

Kayla Kayden and her stunning pornstar body star in this new Brazzers anal sex video called Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?.  Fuck knows how she would fit an exercise ball up her ass, they are fucking huge.

But this Brazzers anal sex video title is a slight play on words.  She really does have a portion of an exercise ball in her arse.  This exercise ball has a special feature.  It has a big dildo attached to it, so yes, you could say that Kayla Kayden really does have an exercise ball stuck in her butthole.


Kayla Kayden loves to exercise, and she’s decided to take her workout routine to the next level with a dildo exercise ball. The problem is that her husband, Xander Corvus, doesn’t know about it. Although Kayla is able to hide the dildo ball from Xander at first, when she rips her tights open and sticks it up her ass, it gets stuck.

Kayla, though, makes a wise choice in enlisting Xander’s help, because once he gets the ball unstuck, he fills Kayla’s tight ass with his massive cock, proving that intense anal sex is the ultimate workout.

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