Ivy Lebelle Brazzers Full HD Special Tasks

Brazzers Special Tasks
Ivy Lebelle and Scott Nails


Ivy Lebelle plays a very hot personal assistant.  It’s her first day and her new female boss is too busy to talk her through the job.  But as she is paying her, she had to find her something to do.

Ivy’s boss sent her to her house to organise her closet.  She thought that she might as well do something useful instead of just hanging around the office all day.

In Brazzers Special Tasks, when Ivy gets to the house, she is greeted by a her employers shirtless husband, Scott Nails.  He let’s her in and starts moaning about his wife.  He explains that his wife is not opening her legs enough for him to fuck.

Shy at first, Ivy Lebelle listens to Scott’s sexual problems before touching his balls and touched her pussy.  Scott Nails is in for a treat.  Not only is he going to empty his balls, but he’s doing it with the hot Ivy Lebelle.

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