Jaye Rose FakeTaxi Classic Episode

Jaye Rose in one of the very first classic Fake Taxi porn videos.  As a Fake Taxi porn video editor, I sometimes have to revisit old Fake Taxi scenes to export for other platforms or VOD sites. 


Today I was asked to prepare some of the very early FakeTaxi videos.  This brought the classic Jaye Rose FakeTaxi episode to my attention.  Jaye Rose appeared in one of the very first episodes of, this now, iconic porn site.  Who could forget her sitting in the back of the taxi wearing a tight white t-shirt and a short yellow shirt.

Released on March 6th 2013, the scene was called Redhead Gives Cabbie The Titfuck Of His Life.  With those beautiful boobs, a tit-wank was always going be the order of the day in this scene.

As the scene progresses, you realise that Miss Rose is not wearing any panties.  All you can see is her legs covered in fishnet stockings going all the way up to her exposed shaven pussy.

For me personally, it’s her Welsh accent that keeps me glued to watching this scene.  I fucking love the Welsh accent.  In that sexy accent she pulls out one of my all-time favourite lines from any FakeTaxi video…I can see you checking out my crack and my rack from that mirror of yours“.

It’s cracking lines like that, that has made FakeTaxi one of the most popular porn sites in the world today.  But obviously that episode would not be complete if there was not any actual fucking involved.

The FakeTaxi driver takes Jaye to a secluded spot for some backseat taxi fucking.  Those awesome pair of tits are whipped out and the infamous London taxi driver is all over them like a rash…and who can blame him.  They will go down as one of the best pair of boobs to be seen in a FakeTaxi sex video.

You also get to see Jaye Rose bent over the back seat in a doggy-style position and fucked hard by the driver’s big cock.  With her big tits swing under her and those sexy black fish net stocking on, she is a sight to behold.

Even though this video is now over 5 years old, it still goes down as one of my all time favourites.

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