Jessica Annelle is a Pornstar on the Rise

On May 17th 2021 I first laid eyes on Jessica Annelle.  Her very first Brazzers porn video was released and I was immediately impressed by her whole package.

jessica annelle in a bikiniJessica Annelle has big tits, a big booty and that sexy fuller figure that is going to make her a pornstar on the rise.  I predict that we will be seeing a hell of a lot more of this stunning brunette babe in the near future.

When I first found her on Twitter, she only had a few thousand followers on Twitter.  But after the release of her Brazzers debut video, her number of followers have sky rocketed!

At the time of writing this blog article about Jessica Annelle her Twitter followers have ballooned to over 19,000 and I predict that that number will continue to increase for a while yet.

Seeing Jessica Annelle in that bright yellow Brazzers bikini is still one of the best model profile photos on the entire Brazzers Network in my opinion.  With those long eye lashes, wonderful boobs and long brown hair, she looks a million dollars.

Jessica Annelle Big Boobs Pornstar

Whilst keeping an eye of her Twitter account, I can see that she is now in the process of creating her own web site.  I have seen a few of her tweets where se is looking for a video editor and a web site designer.  Unfortunately I think I was too late to reply to get given the chance to edit her videos.  I would have really enjoyed editing her personal videos!

So now I am like all the other Jessica Annelle fans, waiting for new content to be released so we can all marvel at that fantastic figure.  Personally I would love to see her in an anal sex scene with those outstanding tits bouncing up and down as much as possible.

If I had to choose which female pornstar I think she should be in a girl on video with, I would choose Angela White.  Having those two busty babes performing together would be a real treat.

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