Kai Taylor – OnlyFans Male Profile Feature

My name is Kai Taylor, I go under the name is @KaitheoneTaylor on Twitter where you find my profile for my OnlyFans. What will you find in my Only Fans? You definitely will find a lot of my cock pictures, a lot of wanking, and I hell of a lot of me because it is for my Only Fans and there are people who really like my work have their personal customers videos, I have special requests for I always adhere to.

Kai TaylorWhat makes me stand out More than the rest? I believe I make it more personal for my clients find people who pay my bills. I do not deal with this share for share like for like, even if it’s for more money, I’m not just about the money I’m about making my friends happy.

People sign up to my page, on a purpose to see me, not to see other people on my page, maybe other girls but not to see another dick picture another something that what would not be on my page that makes it not about me.

When all these people have asked me like for like share for share, I feel like I will be deceiving my fans from my page. The fans if they want to see other people they should go to their pages, because some people would rather look at me then about another million different cocks.

When you come to my page you will see a lot of my character, you already see half of it on Twitter, but do you see the extra stuff in OnlyFans because it really can be entertaining, I do what I want to do, special request I normally customise videos, but on my page you’ve got to understand, I will always speak to my fans, give them love and appreciation and communication.

Kai Taylor OnlyFans FeatureSo if you want to speak with me personally sign up to my page and you will definitely get a full response, but please do not be degrading, ask me things that I wouldn’t do.

Enjoy and hope to see you soon sending you a massive hug, and because hugs are free.

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