Kenna’s Sexual Meditation Kenna James

Kenna's Sexual Meditation

Kenna’s Sexual Meditation
Kenna James, Bobby Beefcakes

One of the good things that have come out of this awful situation regarding COVID-19 is that we have been treated to lots of Brazzers Isolation videos.  Pornstars have been willing to allow their homes to be put on view so they can still deliver amazing content to their fans and web site members.

Today, we have the gorgeous Kenna James starring in Kenna’s Sexual Meditation where she shows off her beautiful body and then has her pussy slammed by Bobby Beefcakes (what kind of porn name is that BTW).


So to start this Kenna’s Sexual Meditation video, we are treated to seeing Kenna doing all her pre workout stretches.  this gives a chance to marvel at just how fit she is.  She can bend her body into all kinds of position that we can only fantasise about fucking her in.

The sweet and sexy Kenna James likes working out at home. On this day, her boyfriend Bobby is encouraging her to try out “sexual meditation” a yoga-like workout designed to get her mind and pussy in the mood for sex. The meditation is a huge success, with Kenna clearly getting turned on right away.

From there, she eagerly plays with her tits and starts sucking Bobby’s cock. The couple then fuck all over the room. Kenna has some of the best orgasms of her life; Bobby even gets her to squirt multiple times! Though skeptical at first, Kenna and Bobby are true believers in sexual meditation by the workout’s end.