Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy POV Video

Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy
Keiran Lee, Kianna Dior

It’s not very often that Brazzers produces a full POV porn video.  But with Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy that’s precisely what you get.  Keiran Lee is behind the camera capturing every moment of Kianna Dior sucking and fucking his big cock.  This big breasted MILF has her tits covered up by a leopard skin print dress, but she is wearing no bra which produces a fantastic looking cleavage.  Of course, if she is wearing no bra, then you’re not going to be surprised that she is not wearing any panties either.

Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy

This is the first time we have seen this hot brunette MILF since the very recent and excellent Hump and Splash the Nurse.  It’s very rare to find Brazzers leasing two videos starring the same pornstar so closely together.  But I’m not complaining.  Kianna Dior can appear in a new Brazzers video every week and I would be very happy indeed.  Those big tits and ass certainly know how to work the camera, and with male porn veteran Keiran Lee in control of the action, Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy certainly does what it says on the tin.


One of the more difficult tasks of writing porn blogs about Brazzers videos is that the trailers are cut to show the intro and the hardcore sex interweaved with each other.  For me as a porn blog writer it would be far easier if the trailer had a beginning, middle and an end.  I could simply write the blog as I was watching it and review it much faster.

But they way that the Brazzers porn video editors cut the trailers is very clever.  Being able to tell a story and give as much of the best parts of the hardcore porn at the same time, is an art in itself.  When I am editing Fake Taxi porn videos, I tend to try and use the finniest lines from the intro and then show the sex in the second half of the video.

Kianna Dior MILF Pornstar
Kianna Dior MILF Pornstar

So in Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy not only do we get to see her parading around her house in a very short leopard skin print dress, we also get to see her riding and sucking Keiran Lee’s huge white British penis.

I’m not 100% sure what character of role Kianna Dior is supposed to be playing, but she is leading Keiran in to the bedroom, fully intending to fuck his brains out.  I can only presume that she is some kind of sex worker that will carry out any sexual fantasy that you desire.

When I watching Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy I’m wondering who is having more fun here.  I thought that she was suposed to be forefilling Keiran’s sexual fantasty, but the more I watch it, it looks as though it’s Kianna Dior who is enjoying this fantasy porn video.  Her pussy gets stretched by Mr Lee’s big long cock and he does a great job recording it in POV.  It must be a difficult job to maintain an erection, keep Kianna satisfied and keep everything in frame…and who says men cannot multi task?

Kianna Fulfills Your Fantasy is Kianna Dior’s 12th Brazzers porn video appearance.  Here are some of her other great performances in a Brazzers video :

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