Korina’s Hot Fun In The Sun Korina Kova

Korina's Hot Fun In The Sun

Korina’s Hot Fun In The Sun
Korina Kova solo dildo video

Wow…I can’t believe I nearly missed this Brazzers big boobs video.  For some reason I must of skipped passed this thumbnail when updating my porn blog.  But have no fear, I have now added Korina’s Hot Fun In The Sun video.

Korina is a beach lifeguard with a massive pair of tits.  You’ll be glad to see her if you ever visit her beach.  You’ll know that if you go into to trouble in the water, you’ll have two huge buoyant boobs to hold onto.

But today, Korina has nobody on her beach.  The COVID outbreak as meant that everyone is staying at home.  So what is she going to do to keep herself occupied during her 10 hour lifeguard duty.

Luckily, she is well preparred for such an occasion.  Korina Kova has a special cupboard full of sex toys.  Her favourite is her rubber buttplug that she love to keep inserted whilst having big dildo in her vagina.  She loves nothing better than to have both holes filled whilst rubbing her massive tits on the beach.

I believe that this is a Brazzers debut video for Korina Kova.  Those huge fun bags will be making another appearance very soon I’m sure.  I hope that we will get to see her being fucked in the ass sooner or later.