Little Perv Under The Bed Stella Cox

Little Perv Under The Bed

Little Perv Under The Bed starring Stella Cox is a porn advert that I spotted doing the rounds on the major porn tube sites.  The advert shows Jordi El Nino Polla hiding under a bed.  He is waiting for Stella Cox to walking so he can watch her undress.

Today is Jordi's lucky day.  Not only does Stella come into her bedroom early, but she has a girlfriend with her.  Jordi can barely contain his erection as he watches Stella Cox and her girlfriend experiment with some lesbian sex acts.

Jordi has never seen two girls kissing before.  His boner is nearly at it's hardest that it has ever been.  At one point Jordi thought he was going to cum in his pants watching Stella Cox getting her big natural tits kissed and licked by another sexy babe.

Little Perv Under The Bed nearly blows his load.

It was all getting too much for Jordi.  He could not contain himself any longer and he made a sound that sounded like his balls were going to burst.

Stella heard the noise under her bed.  She ordered Jordi to come out and explain himself.  Stella's girlfriend was so embarrassed that she left the room in a hurry.  This just left Jordi standing in front of Stella Cox with his big erection on display.  Stella was very flattered that he big natural boobs gave Jordi such a hard-on.  She asked Jordi if he would like to touch her tits.  Her nipples were so hard and big.  Jordi took a gamble and also tried to get a suck of her nipple.  Stella did not stop him.  Busty British babe Stella Cox, loves having her tits sucked.

Soon enough Stella had her hands all over Jordi's long cock and slowly stroking it.  She was careful not to make Jordi cum to soon because she wanted a ride on his big Spanish cock.

This Brazzers video starring Stella Cox and Jordi El Nino Polla was first released in 2017.  It was called The Scoundrel Ruins A Sleepover.

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