Made To Fit Eve Marlowe, Dante Colle

Made To Fit
Eve Marlowe, Dante Colle

Eve Marlowe Made to Fit

It’s always nice to see a young pornstar making her first appearance in a Brazzers porn video.  Today we have the stunning blue haired babe Eve Marlowe.  Just take a look at that sexy body.  In Made to Fit, Dante Colle is the lucky male pornstar who gets to be the first to stick his dick into her pussy for Brazzers.

Dante is a sculptor looking for the perfect female form to mould his clay into.  He has found the perfect model in Eve Marlowe.  She is just an art student making her way through college and being a live nude model to help pay the college fees.

Dante’s secret specialty is making dildos for some very important clients.  He has made a name for himself by making a mould out of his own cock and selling dildos of his cock online.  when Eve notices some of his dildo in the self, Dante tells her not to touch the dildos as they have been bought by his special customers.


As soon as Dante walks out of the art studio to take a piss, Miss Marlowe goes straight for the dildos.  Can they really be a model of Dante’s cock? They are rather impressive in size. Dante returns to find Eve sticking one of his prize sex toys into her wet pussy.  Angry at first, Mr Colle take the opportunity to show Eve his real cock.

When to watch Made to Fit, you will see that Eve Marlowe has an outstanding body.  Her blue hair really makes her pretty face stand out too.  If you are wondering if the  collars match the cuffs then you are in for a treat.  Not only is the hair on her head blue, but she has also dyed the pussy hair blue too.

I have enjoyed Miss Marlowe’s Brazzers debut and very much look forward to see more of this eccentric fire starter in action again soon.  I think the screen short alone will impress you.  Her body looks in perfect proportion and those sweet looking tits really do bounce up and down when she rides reverse cowgirl.