Make You My Bitch Ana Foxxx Jezabel Vessir

Make you My Bitch

Make You My Bitch
Ana Foxxx and Jezabel Vessir

Here we have two ebony beauties having pure unapologetic lesbians sex together.  They use sex toys and fingers to make each other cum as quickly as possible.  Red lingerie is scattered al over the house along with various sex toys including a strop on dildo in a leather harness.

In Make You My Bitch, Jezabel Vessir is seen masturbating on the bed wearing a pair of pink fishnet stockings.  As you can imagine, with her house in a mess and finding her girlfriend masturbation, Ana Foxx is mightily pissed off.  Ana takes the moral high road and demands that her slutty girlfriend cleans up the house.


However, because she is still so horny after being caught mid-orgasm, Jesabel has other ideas.  She grabs the strap-on cock and parades around he house until Ana finally gives in and joins her in a girl on girl ebony lesbian sex session.

Tiny Ana Foxxx gets home after a hard day’s work only to find the house a mess made by her girlfriend, busty Jezabel Vessir. In Make You My Bitch, she demands that Jezabel cleans the house while she unwinds in the bath, but finds her masturbating on the bed instead. Ana decides to take control of the situation and gives her dirty, misbehaving girlfriend the good fucking she deserves until they both cum super hard.

Make You My Bitch In-Depth Scene Description

The background is of a kitchen. The cabinets are a marble effect in dark shades of brown, they are on the wall and reach to the ceiling, showing a black and white patterned wall underneath. The wall to the left is a simple painted white wall. The kitchen has grey countertops which are messy.

There are objects everywhere, including bananas, water bottles and plastic tupperware. In the corner there is a microwave and across from there is a blue handle of a broom. There are two women in the kitchen. Jezabel Vessir is throwing water over the Ana Foxxx, her arm is bent and has thrown it. Her hair is black and the front pieces are pulled back into small pigtails.

She wears a bright pink top which is strapless and black trousers. The Ana Foxxx has a surprised expression, she has black hair also that is straight with a fringe. She wears a pink blazer with a white top underneath and the same coloured skirt with a black and gold belt. The water has been thrown all over her suit.

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