Marc Rose Inspires a Fake Taxi Video Short

After the Official Fake Taxi Twitter account tweets a Fake Taxi compilation that I put together, Marc Rose tweeted “Reminds me of horse racing”.


This inspired me to create a much shorter version of my Snatch Hatch Beast Mode FakeTaxi compilation video.

I downloaded the public domain version of Rossini: William Tell Overture: which I believe to be the only horse racing music I could think of.

I then went back to Premiere Pro and imported the music in my social media project.  I was then just a case of cutting some Snatch Hatch clips together to the beat of the music.

At the moment this short 18 second FakeTaxi video has been viewed over 8,000 times on my XXXVideoEditor Twitter page.  The full length FakeTaxi Snatch Hatch Beast Mode video has already been viewed over 43,000 times via the Fake Taxi twitter account.

This compilation of pornstars getting there pussies and asses fucked from behind features pornstars such as Lola Marie, Elizabeth Romanova, Pixie Little, Victoria Summers, Lucia Love, Azura Alii, Princess Paris, Jasmine Webb + many others.

As you can probably tell…I really enjoy making these Fake Taxi compilation porn videos.  I have a few more lined up in my head that I will edit together over the next few weeks.

So thank you Marc Rose for inspiring me to put this very short Fake Taxi clip together and giving me a little more exposure on Twitter.