Maya Woulfe – You’ll Learn To Love Me

You’ll Learn To Love Me – Pure Taboo
Derrick Pierce and Maya Woulfe

You'll Learn To Love Me

Derrick Pierce misses the relationship he used to have with his stepdaughter, Maya Woulfe. There was once a time when they were inseparable but now Maya Woulfe’s all grown up and distant. Sometimes he wonders if he’s done something wrong that drove her away from him.


One evening, after Lena brushes him off yet again to hang out with her friends, Derrick Pierce finds her diary left out in the open. Although he doesn’t want to hurt her trust, he’s desperate to find out ANYTHING that can help them get close again. Maybe buried somewhere in these pages is a way for them to reconnect.

But as he reads through Maya Woulfe’s diary, exposed to her most intimate thoughts and secrets, the fatherly love he has for her starts to transform into something new… That’s when he finally decides to use the newfound information to create a fake online persona to get closer to her than ever before. Although Maya Woulfe falls for it, it’s only a matter of time before she finds out the truth. How will Derrick Pierce handle the inevitable fallout?

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